Air Force School Hindan

Our Facilities


The school has well equipped library with over 15,000 books, magazines and 4 Daily newspapers. The senior school library has been fully computerized.

Air Force School Hindan
Air Force School Hindan
Air Force School Hindan

Sick Bay

The school has a well maintained Sick Bay managed by a full time doctor, a qualified Nurse and an attendant to provide the basic First Aid facilities to the students. In case of an emergency, the child is at once moved to the nearest hospital and the parents are immediately informed.
The hostellers are also looked after and if necessary, referred to SSQ (Race Course) for test, X-Ray etc. Annual Medical examination of al students is done and health cards are maintained.

Air Force School Hindan


In order to facilitate the students the school has provided an excellent cafeteria for students & staff.

Air Force School Hindan

Science Lab

The school has well equipped Laboratories with fully functional equipments.
Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
Biology Lab

Air Force School Hindan
Air Force School Hindan
Air Force School Hindan


The school recognizes the key role that Computer play in today's world. Computers helps students develop a mathematical and scientific approach towards problem solving. With this in mind the school emphasis is on developing computing skills and making computers useful and usable in our day to day activity.
The school is committed to ensuring that students have access to the necessary tools and support required, for which the school has a total of three well equipped and uptodate comuter labs.
Senior Computer Science Lab for classes XI and XII
Middle Computer Lab for classes VI to X

The junior school has a separate computer lab for classes KG to V. Computer education is imparted to students from classes KG to XII.


An additional computer lab with computer, projector, interactive board and subjective classwise software has been set-up wef current academic session. This is a project based learning system and the students will have the following benefits

  • Opportunity to apply knowledge gained in classroom
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Learning to work in groups


The following gadgets have been provided in each and every class. The Smart Class Concept aims at facilitating availability of digital content in the classroom. The project is running successfully. In addition to above Eureka in 5.0 Educational software for classes I to XII (in Science & Maths) has also been provided.

  • An interactive board
  • computer
  • An LCD Projector
  • Education software as per CBSE curriculum
  • Music Block

    Air Force School Hindan
    Air Force School Hindan
    Air Force School Hindan

    Art and Craft

    “Every child is an artist”

    Art and craft is as essential as Sunshine. It is an indispensable part of child’s learning process and as vital as, nourishment of mind, body and soul.
    AIR FORCE SCHOOL HINDAN encourages and stimulates artistic activities of varied cultural inheritance. We create cultural and aesthetic awareness, through variety of folk and classical forms of Art and craft.
    The aim is to foster intellectual development, bilateral coordination, group play, developing fine motor skills, self expression and creativity. Our expert mentors are well equipped to unleash each child’s talent.
    We value every child’s imagination and inspire them for experimenting, taking risks, inventing and making new rules.
    Our distinctive curriculum include array of art and craft activities:

    • Oil Painting
    • Glass Painting
    • Painting with Acrylic colors
    • Water color Painting
    • Spray Painting
    • Impression Painting
    • Paper craft like origami, collage, paper modeling etc
    Air Force School Hindan
    Air Force School Hindan
    Air Force School Hindan

    Sports Complex

    Sports are important at AFSH. The curriculum provides for 2-3 Classes a week of physical training for each pupil.
    There is extra coaching for some sports beyond school hours also, which are :

    • Gymnastics
    • Cricket
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Skating
    Air Force School Hindan
    Air Force School Hindan
    Air Force School Hindan