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Admission to Air Force Schools will be in the following priority:-

  • Priority I - Children of serving and deceased ( whilst on active service) IAF Officers, Airmen and Ncs (E).
  • Priority II
    • Children of serving Air Force School staff (whose spouse is not a serving Air Force Officer, Airman or Ncs (E).
    • Children of serving DSC personnel posted to Air Force units.
    • Children of serving civilian staff of Air Force units paid out of Defence Services Estimates.
    • Children of serving NPF employees.
    • Children of serving civilian MES personnel.
  • Priority III - Children of Air Force Officers, Airmen and Ncs (E) who have supernnuated from service.
  • Priority IV - Children of Air Force Officers, Airmen and Ncs (E) who have left service on Premature Separation from Service (PSS) or on completion of period of Regular Engagement (RE), before the age of superannuation.
  • Priority V - Biological/legal grand-children of serving and retired (both superannuate as well as those who have gone out on PSS/completion of RE) Air Force Officers, Airmen and Ncs (E).
  • Priority VI - Children of serving Army/Navy/Para Military Forces personnel, GREF and TA.
  • Priority VII - All other children, including children of foreign nationals/NRIs. 119. (Note : Children of Foreign Nationals/NRIs may be admitted only after seeking the prior written concurrence of the Executive Vice-Chairman, after due scrutiny and recommendation of the Secretary CSMC.)